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Let's Talk About C- Sections

July 6, 2019



According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), C-Section rates continue to rise across Canada with 28.2% of babies arriving via C-Section.  That is almost 1 in 3 women! A C-Section is     surgery  - there is going to be scar tissue which forms and these adhesions have the potential (though not every scar causes problems) to create havoc in the body.  Oh Mama!

That bikini line scar you see is actually just the beginning.  There are multiple layers of tissue the surgeon has to cut through and suture to bring baby into this world.   The body responds by invoking the inflammatory process to super glue itself back together, creating scar tissue and potential adhesions (scar tissue which attaches to a nearby structure) that run much deeper than just the scar you can see on the surface.  This is not the surgeons’ fault, rather a natural part of the healing process.

These adhesions can cause postural imbalances, reduce function and movement, and cause pain.  Mom’s often feel as if they are tethered down, or stuck slightly bent over at the waist.  Low back pain and abdominal pain may occur with lifting, changing position or simply manifest with constant pain.  The scar may appear warped or puckered.  There may be sensitivity at the scar site or loss of feeling.  The tissue can develop trigger points with referrals leading to chronic pelvic pain.  Scarring can create digestive issues due to the tightening along the abdominal cavity.  The list of symptoms that might occur goes on and on….hence scar tissue can create havoc in the body!

The good news Mom, is your c-section can be released to help restore normal function and movement to the tissue and alleviate these symptoms.  Our Registered Massage Therapist, Jamie Waggoner has been releasing scars since 2004 and has seen some amazing results!  There are two components to a scar release treatment.  A direct micro-current is used to change the scar tissue at a cellular level, followed by manual scar release techniques.  These techniques combined can significantly reduce the restrictions and pain caused by scar tissue.


Will my benefits pay for my scar to be released?

You will receive a receipt for Registered Massage Therapy as Scar Release falls under the scope of practice of Massage Therapy.


When can I come in for a treatment?

Generally, it is safe to come in for a scar release treatment ten weeks post-surgery, just make sure the incision has fully healed and all scabs have disappeared.  The younger the scar the better, however mature scars can also be released no matter how many years have passed.


Book your scar release appointment with our on-line booking system or contact Jamie directly at jamie@cctherapy.ca or 905-870-8228 ext. 103.


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