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Scar Tissue Release-




Did you know SCARS can create havoc on the body?  


Scars form adhesions which in turn can create havoc in the body. These adhesions may cause restrictions and can make normal movement difficult and painful, cause postural imbalances, entrap nerves, disrupt circulation, cause pain and much more.  




Our Registered Massage Therapist, Jamie Waggoner, has a clinical focus working with scar tissue and has been treating scars since 2004. A direct micro-current (MPS Dolphin Neurostim) is used to “repolarize” thickened scar tissue and fascia followed by manual scar release techniques to decrease restrictions as well as manual lymph drainage techniques to soften scar tissue. Following treatment, scars are often noticeably softer, with increased pliability and diminished physical appearance. Range of motion can improve, pain and hypersensitivity may decrease, and stress is reduced.


When can I come in for a SCAR treatment?


Generally, treatment can begin soon after surgery or injury (just make sure your doctor has given you the all clear first and the incision is free of infection). Your stage of healing will determine what techniques are used and each case is thoroughly assessed to determine an individualized and safe treatment plan. In the early stages, Manual Lymph Drainage techniques are often applied to aid in the healing process, encourage good scar formation and reduction of inflammation, while older scars may require manual scar release techniques. Both young and mature scars can be treated no matter how many years have passed.