Jamie Waggoner RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Scar Tissue Release

Applied Manual Lymph Drainage

Hi, I’m Jamie Waggoner - Registered Massage Therapist with a clinical focus on Scar Tissue Release and Applied Manual Lymph Drainage. I have been treating scars since 2004 and have seen some amazing results!


I graduated top of my class in 2003 from ICT Kikkawa College in Toronto. Over the years, I developed a busy traditional massage practice while continuing post-graduate training to enhance my skills and today I primarily work with scars and lymph drainage. 


Scars can be the overlooked missing piece of the puzzle when seeking treatment for countless complaints and manifestations. Early in my career, I began to marvel at the outcomes manual scar tissue release could provide and started chasing courses specifically targeted at treating scar tissue. This included advanced training with the MPS Dolphin Neurstim, a direct micro-current which “repolarizes” thickened scar tissue and fascia. Still, after years of manually treating scars, I began to wonder what else could be done to help prevent the scar tissue from causing problems in the first place. This led to receiving my Certification in Applied Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) with the Dr. Vodder Academy/School – International.  By adding MLD to my tool belt, I could safely and effectively treat soon after surgery/injury with MLD to help clear away inflammation and assist in better scar tissue formation and healing in the first place. 


Fast forward to today and I am helping clients at all stages of recovery – soon after surgery to decades-old scars as well as countless other manifestations which benefit from Applied Manual Lymph Drainage.


I look forward to meeting (and treating) you!

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